Steve Buckwalter

Director of Photography

  Selected Filmography

The Contenders

PBS / OZY Media / Paksima Productions

Director: Jamila Paksima

Documentary series that looks at the Contenders who almost became President.


Rod & Staff

Make Films

Director: Paul DeRose

Starring: John Rider, Kathy Patterson, Jim Chandler, Eric Yearwood, Lynn Berg



Make Films

Director: Derek Dienner

Starring: Steve Annan, Merci Lyons-Cox


The Gift

Producers: Amber Jackson, Ed Mantell

Director: Steve Buckwalter, Amber Jackson

Starring: Amber Jackson, Justin Locklear, Sherri Herren


Voices of Christmas

Producer: Nate Busko

Director: Josh Enck

Starring: Chris Wert, Susan Hurley



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